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The much needed Family Tree

Alright, Chapter four around and I've finally gotten around to formal introductions of the characters. Wahoo. As much as I could very easily go into a long explanation in my story to demonstrate who is related to who... it still just would not top a picture, now would it?
So of course, Strider drew this, so it's all written in Hylian, for authenticity. And because it's fun. The pictures should be able to tell who is who anyway, and coupled with Barry's contribution in the story it should be easy to follow. It's just a funny little simplified drawing, but I still might have cheated a little bit and made Strider a better artist then he really is. But I had to make it clear, right? Anyway, relations cleared up and finally solved.


Alright, the last one was hard to read I admit it. I figured that I just needed to put down the basic regional information, but of course, details are just as important.
So, an updated version of the first map. Bolder lines, prettier colors... and neater writing. Thanks to a good friend, who wishes not to be mentioned. Tell me to tell her thanks anyway, I know it will annoy her.

Chapter Two

I'm not hugely in tune with the Twilight Princess Fandom, surprisingly enough, so I can't tell really how popular Uli is as a character. Though I have to say, writing in her strict formal way of speaking was both easier and more challenging than I imagined. The key really was more of looking at the characters through more... matured and quiet eyes. Still, hopefully the humor is more apparent.
So yes, here is the beginning chapter to that lovely map hovering under this post. Read and enjoy.

Well, as much as I would to try to leave such things to the imagination of the reader, and my own superb writing skills, I truly think that a map will be helpful in following along my story. A few things added and changed for the southern tip of Hyrule. Actually I've added three different cities to the country as a whole for my story. The population is just too small to be a whole country. After the disaster of the Dark Times the people and economy would not be able to sustain itself. It's just symbolic anyway, what's wrong with adding you're own flair?
In any case one step at a time. Here's the region we're focusing on now, with the others to be added later. Back to my fanfic account to continue the story.


First truly major Legend of Zelda work. Not an easy piece, not to say the least. Though it may look simple at first.

Create: To Form, the first brought in story of the community. Something original, and non-canon. Yay for the Untold Stories. Safe for all to read and enjoy, though maybe hard to understand at first.
Prologue is just a new take on the creation legend. Certainly worth reading, I guarantee it.


A first Glimpse

First post, informational.
Woohoo, started first community. Not a Lot of Legend of Zelda Fanfiction communities. Figure I should make a new one, one I can actually update regularly. 
I prefer carefully written pieces. That means true effort and thought put into it. Besides that, I couldn't care less about what they are. All genres, storylines, characters, everything welcome. More variety means more fun, ne?


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